Literacy Volunteers of Chenango County

Aiding adults and families in achieving self-sufficiency through enhanced literacy

About the Program

Literacy Volunteers of Chenango County’s adult literacy tutoring program offers a unique educational service to Chenango County.

LVCC provides one-to-one, confidential, and learner-centered tutoring free of charge to adults seeking help in basic literacy (reading, writing, math) and English as a Second Language skills.


LVCC serves adults 16 and above who are at the lowest levels and who may lack access to other educational programs due to scheduling, literacy levels, cost, lack of transportation, or other barriers. At times, LVCC provides family, employment, health, and computer literacy help.

LVCC recruits and supports community members willing to work with the low literacy population. The impact of LVCC reaches far beyond adult learners and volunteers to touch the community as a whole. When more adults and families are able to achieve self-sufficiency through enhanced literacy, they are more likely to:

  • Be more self reliant, becoming less reliant on public monies
  • Take steps toward further education and training
  • Become employed in living-wage jobs
  • Retain employment and advance in their positions
  • Re-invest their income in the community economy
  • Foster literacy and school success in their children
  • Get involved in volunteer activities in the community

Referral Form

12% of Chenango County adults (approx. 5,000) read below a 4th grade level, making such activities as reading a short newspaper article, a note from a child’s teacher, or even a medicine bottle very difficult or nearly impossible.

Please spread the word about the assistance available.