Donna Wood-Craig, Manager

Experts say that during your lifetime you can expect to have at least five different careers. That’s certainly the case when it comes to Back on the Rack’s Manager Donna Wood-Craig. She spent ten years in TV Broadcasting, has been a Travel Agent, a Fundraiser, an Event Planner, a Finance Secretary, a Library Trustee, and now a Small Business and Apartment Manager and Job Training Director. “I’ve also worn recycled clothing since I was in high school,” she says. “Ninety five percent of the clothes in my closet someone owned before me.” Donna is excited to combine her love for thrift retail with her desire to help guide young people, who’ve hit a rough patch, back onto the road of financial recovery. “I think I was meant to do this job at this time in my life.”

Alex Wahlberg

Alex Wahlberg has been a part time sales person at Back on the Rack for 13 years. She wanted to work at the store because she thought it would be more fun than the job she held. She says that the most rewarding aspect of the job is interacting with the customers. She also loves to sort through the donations to see what treasures she can find. She recently read a quote that resonated with her feelings about life – “wake up determined, and go to bed satisfied.” That pretty much sums up Alex. She’ll make your trip to Back on the Rack worth your while.