About Us

Opportunities for Chenango, Inc. is a Community Action Agency

We are committed to helping families and individuals recognize their strengths, set realistic goals, make responsible choices, and become successful, self-sufficient members of the community. OFC, Inc. programs focus on child and family development, housing security, life-skills training, education, literacy, health and nutrition, community, employment and economic development.

OFC, Inc. follows a family development services system, a way of working with families and empowering them to move out of poverty. The goal is to support families in their efforts to move from crisis situations, economic dependency and vulnerability, to an increasingly stable and economically self-supporting situation. Families are full partners in identifying their strengths, needs and with staff guidance, put together steps to attain self-sufficiency.

About our Board of Directors

In accordance with the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964, OFC, Inc.'s Board of Directors is composed of:

  • At least one-third members from the low-income community.
  • Exactly one-third public officials or their designees.
  • Up to one-third members from the private sector.